At St Thomas’ we aim to develop pupil’s ability to research the past and interpret their findings whilst sequencing events in chronological order. Teaching history begins with children being taught about changes within living memory and significant events, people and places in our own locality. This then develops to national and global events beyond living memory and the lives of significant individuals and events that have contributed to national and international achievements. We provide opportunities to foster curiosity in learning about the past, helping children to gain knowledge of cultural heritage and introducing the skills of historical inquiry. Children are encouraged to identify with people from the past to help develop an understanding of British, local and world history across the periods they study. The handling of artefacts and the evaluation of primary and secondary sources of information is actively encouraged. We visit museums and other places of interest to support the curriculum.

We further aim to increase the child’s knowledge of historical events and of famous people who have influenced the course of history by studying the development not only of our own civilisation but also those of people in other parts of the world.

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