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Miss Croft



I can't quite believe it is the last week of the school and we are nearly ready to start our summer holidays. I have been very lucky to see a lot of you who have returned to school for the last few weeks and it has been lovely to teach you again. It has felt like normality. I have loved teaching each and every single one of you this year and I am so proud of you all for adapting so well to home learning. I am also very proud of the achievements you have made, too. I will still see you every day when you move up to Year Two. Mrs Haselden is very excited to have you, I've told her how amazing you all are. Mrs Robinson is retiring this week and I know she has loved teaching you all. Don't worry, she will definitely be popping back into school to say hello. Thank you Mrs Robinson, we will miss you!

Thank you for being a fabulous class and I hope you have made some lovely memories whilst you have been in Year One. Thank you to the grownups who have all been amazing these last few months, I am very appreciative of your support.

 I wish you all a happy and relaxing summer (especially the grownups) and I will see you soon. For one last week, let's make Team Croft AMAZING!

Lots of love, 

Miss Croft 




Week Commencing: 13th July 2020

For the home learning this week, I wanted to make it as fun for you as possible. I have still included daily handwriting and Phonics, because this week we are learning about the 'soft c' phoneme. I have left the big maths skills tests on here for you, too.

I have added a new blog which I hope you'll all comment on. It's all about your favourite memories from Year One.



Daily Handwriting and Phonics

This week we are focusing on the 'soft c' rule in Phonics. Have a little watch of the following videos to support your learning. I have also put some worksheets on for you, if you want to have a go at them. If you don't have a printer, ask a grown up to make you some Hard and Soft C cards so you can sort them.


Monday 13th July (soft c) : The brown dog ate a slice of cheese.

Tuesday 14th July (soft c) : I ate rice and cereal today.

Wednesday 15th July (soft c):  The mice made a dress for Cinderella to dance with the Prince.

Thursday 16th July (soft c): I need a pencil to draw a circle.

Friday 17th July (soft c): Millie won the race and went to the circus.





You will need the help of a grown up to do these activities


Milk Art Experiment

You will need: A bowl, ½ cup of milk, dish soap, cotton bud, food Colouring (more than one colour), Pepper (optional)

1. Pour the milk into the bowl. Be careful not to move the bowl, you want the milk as still as possible.
2. Put one drop of each colour in different places in the milk.
3. Put just a tiny amount of soap on the end of the cotton swab, then touch it to one of the colors. WOW!
4. Let the experimenting begin!
5. To clean up, just pour the milk down the drain. (Do not drink it)



DIY Fairy Jar


You will need: a mason jar, serrated knife, glow stick(s), glitter.


Step 1: Decide which colour glitter you want in your Fairy Jar and which colour glow stick you are going to want in the jar.

Step 2: Cut open the bottom of the glow stick on an old towel or kitchen roll (as not to get the fluid all over everything; you could also elevate the glow stick on the lid of the jar).


Step 3: Put the contents of the glow stick into the jar. BE CAREFUL! Inside of the glow stick is in fact, glass.

Step 4: Once you’ve done that, grab the glitter and put it into the jar on top of the glow stick contents. The amount of glitter is going to depend on the size of your jar, how sparkly you want it, and what glitter you decide on. I used about half of one glitter container I bought. If the glass from the glow stick did not break upon putting it into the jar, you can break it now by hitting it with the end of the knife.

Step 5: You can now put the lid on! Make sure it is on very tight, and shake it up like crazy.


P.S. They only last about 8 hours.




Try and do some reading over the summer holidays with your child to make sure they are ready for Year Two.


Access the website:


Click on the Teacher Portal to enter


Password: Parents20!

Click on: Collins Big Cat

Choose the Book Band your child is currently reading.

A selection of books will then appear on the screen for your child to read.




Updated: 13th July 2020 - I have taken over the Music page on the webiste. Follow the link for some exciting activities! I have added some of my favourite happy songs on there too, which I want all St Thomas's to listen to!



Mrs Crawley wants children to get involved with our weekly prayers as we go through these challenging times together. We want children to create their own prayers and submit them. Further information can be found on the blog page 'Weekly Prayers'. Thank you. 




Remember to keep moving. It makes you feel so much better! I have been playing with my dog and I have also been in the garden. Fresh air in the garden will make you feel fantastic! You can help with the gardening, play on the trampoline, have a kickabout with your ball or enjoy some skipping. There are lots of activities you can do outside, even in the rain!

Follow Mr Hodgkinson on Twitter at @SportStThomas to keep up to date with his challenges.

Contact me


At the bottom of this page you will find our Year One blog. I intend to use this blog to advise you on extra home learning, discussions (which children can get involved with by using their username and password in their pack), as well as keeping you up to date with what I have been up to.



To keep in contact with me please follow the Year One class Twitter page. The username is @Y1StThomas. It is a great way to tweet me with photographs of what your child has been getting up to and it also allows me to answer any questions you may have. 



Alternatively, if you have something private you wish to discuss, you can email the school office at:

They will forward it on to me.




To all of my lovely children and their families, thank you for making this academic year fantastic. I know it hasn't been easy at times, but we've carried on and made the experience as positive as possible.

See you all very soon,

Love, Miss Croft xx


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