Year 1 2020 - 2021

Welcome to Year One 


Teacher: Miss Croft

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Caldwell


The Year One school day starts at 8:40am and ends at 2:55pm


Home Learning Information

Each week, the Year One class page will be updated with the learning we are doing in school that week. You can access the daily learning by clicking on the correct day in 'Files to Download'.

This work is only to be completed by children who are isolating at home. Children attending school should not complete this work at home prior to the day. 

A link will be sent via Class Dojo for children to access the learning. This is to support any children who are having to self isolate at home. Please remember to continue practising your reading and spellings. I will be communicating primarily through Class Dojo.



Autumn Term



Autumn Term is always my favourite for teaching English. The topics we cover in Year One are so lovely and the children always enjoy them. The first topic we are starting with is 'All About Me'. The children will be writing about themselves and their families. We are then diving into Dogger by Shirley Hughes. Dogger is a story about a little boy called Dave and his special toy, Dogger. This heartwarming story explores the true meaning of friendship, love and kindness. 

After half term, it's all about giraffes! The children will be reading a lovely story called Giraffes Can't Dance. They will then be continuing their learning about giraffes and conducting research all about giraffes to produce a fact file. Did you know that giraffes are the tallest mammals on Earth?

After our giraffe topic, we are moving onto Handa's Surprise. Handa is a little girl who lives in Africa and puts seven different fruits in a basket for her friend, Akeyo. Handa embarks on a journey to Akeyo's village with the seven delicious fruits. There are lots of surprises on the journey which make the book such a lovely and engaging read. This is one of my favourite stories. There will also be lots of exciting writing oppurtunities around Christmas when we are visited by our Elf on the Shelf. 


It is very important to ensure our handwriting is just as good as the content. The children do daily handwriting in school every morning helping them to correctly form their letters on the line. 



To start with in Year One, there is a big focus on number which includes recognising numbers, counting, ordering, and much more. I will be ensuring they have the important foundations from Reception and then building on this with the Year One curriculum. 



We will be revisiting Phase 4 for the first few weeks of Year One before moving onto Phase 5 to ensure children are fully confident with Phase 4.


Excellent games we play in school are:

Buried Treasure

Dragon's Den

Picnic on Pluto

Flashcards Speed Trial

Tricky Words Trucks (revisit Phase 2, 3 and 4)


DfE Phonics

The DfE have left the phonics lessons on YouTube so children can work through these to refresh their Phase 3 and 4 if they would like. I have attached the link below.




The children are taught their R.E lessons by Mrs Crawley on a Monday afternoon. 



This term, we are focusing on everyday materials. The materials we learn about are glass, rock, metal, wood, fabric, plastic and water. After identifying what these materials look like, we start to look at a range of different objects and name the material in which it is made from. We will be finishing this topic with a super fun experiment.



We are flying into a very exciting topic in History this term where the children will be learning all about The Wright Brothers and the invention of the first airplane. The Wright Brothers were called Orville and Wilbur and it was actually Orville who was in control of the plane for its first successful flight. This is always an exciting and fun topic!




Linking with our English learning of Handa's Surprise, we are going to be learning about The Gambia in Africa and all of it's wonderful traditions. The children will be exploring 'typical' Ashton and how it contrasts to that of The Gambia.



In Year One, P.E is taught by myself and we do this on Thursdays. The children's favourite day! Please ensure all children's P.E kit has their name in, as well as their pumps. 


All of this, plus lots more! What an amazing first term we are going to have together in Year One.

Miss Croft


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