Year 1 2020 - 2021


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Miss Croft


Home Learning Information

Each week, the Year One class page will be updated with the learning we are doing in school that week. A link will be sent via Class Dojo for children to access the learning. This is to support any children who are having to self isolate at home. Please remember to continue practising your reading and spellings. I will be communicating primarily through Class Dojo by setting spellings and homework through this, too. You can find this on class portfolio.

All learning resources will be uploaded and you can access them at the bottom of this page. 



Week Commencing: 21st September 2020




Finishing off 'Here We Are' topic - complete the travel brochure for a child who has never been to Earth before. Download the template below. 

Extra Activity: RIC Screen




(Introduction to 'All About Me' topic)


Can I write sentences all about me?

After completing the homework this week, children are to use this information to write 3 interesting sentences about themselves. All sentences must include a capital letter and a full stop.




Can I write a list of my likes and dislikes?

These lists can include colours, food, drinks, animals, weather, films, books, characters... etc! The list is endless!

You must do a minimum of 5 on each list but a maximum of 12 on each.















Consolidation of Learning

Can I recall my number bonds to 5?


Work through the number bonds Powerpoint below and then complete the worksheet. 

You can use 5 household objects to help you. We use cubes in school.




Consolidation of Learning

Can I recall my number bonds to 6?


You can use 6 household objects to help you. We use cubes in school.

You will need scissors and glue for this. If not, you can improvise and write the sum instead. 





We are currently revisiting Phase 4 letters and sounds before moving onto Phase 5 in a few weeks. Children are to access the different games on Phonics Play with Phase 4.

Excellent games we play in school are:

Buried Treasure

Dragon's Den

Picnic on Pluto

Flashcards Speed Trial

Tricky Words Trucks (revisit Phase 2, 3 and 4)


DfE Phonics

The DfE have left the phonics lessons on YouTube so children can work through these. I have attached the link below.





(Mrs Crawley's lesson)


We collect food in school for the local feedbank for people who struggle to have enough food.

Complete worksheet by downloading below




Can I indentify everyday objects and state the material it is made from?

Launch twinkl powerpoint ‘Objects and Materials’. As you are going through ask questions about what the object is and what it is made from.


Show children these 2 bbc clips:

BBC KS1 Glass blowing

BBC KS1 Materials and their uses



Children are to have the grid worksheet. On the last 3 slides of the powerpoint display glasses first. Children are to draw glasses into the first box and write the key vocab words in the box next to it.

Children to do the same for a door and a bottle.

There are 2 worksheets to choose from. One which is a fill in the blanks and one where children draw the pictures themselves and write the sentences. You should choose this based on your own child. 


Write this sentence on the board/piece of paper: ‘The _____ is made from _____ and ______(if made from 2 materials)’.


Key Vocabulary:

Object, material, glass, wood, plastic, metal, water, see through, hard, soft. 


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