Growth Mindset


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So what is a Growth Mindset?

The phrase Growth Mindset refers to a way of thinking, learning and taking on challenges.


People with a ‘Fixed Mindset’ think a bit like this:


Everyone has a brain but some brains are better than others."

" It doesn’t matter how hard I work; I just can’t get better at it."

" I don’t want others to know that I haven’t learned something yet, so I pretend to know things I haven’t learned."

" I am afraid to try new things because I might fail. Once I fail, I don’t want to try again so if doesn’t work the first time, I don’t like to try it a different way.”


People with a ‘Growth Mindset’ think more like this:


“Everyone has a brain! "

"My intelligence and my abilities can grow if I challenge myself and exercise my brain by trying new things and doing my best all the time."

"I may not always succeed at first, but I can’t give up – I will make mistakes but I must keep trying and learning from my every mistakes."

"Mistakes help my brain to grow."

"Every mistake is a step closer to success.”











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