Weekly Prayers

Date: 1st Apr 2020 @ 2:38pm

Hello to our lovely children,

Mrs Crawley needs your help!

Each week, she is going to be putting some prayers on the school website to get us through these challenging and difficult times. We would love for you to create your own prayers and share them with us.

Comment on the blog below with your prayer heart


To access the school page where our weekly prayer is, follow the pathway:

School homepage - Learning Zone - RE - Prayer - Weekly prayers through difficult times


Keep an eye out to see if yours has been chosen!

Love from your teachers 💜 






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Katie H wrote:


We are writing this poem,
To help to keep you goin’.
Even though it’s pretty bad,
Try not to be sad.

We have to stay at home,
Even though we’d like to roam.
But we are keeping busy
And making our Mum dizzy

Dad’s doing D.I.Y,
At least he’ll have a try.
And we have to confess
Our rooms are a mess!

But we’re having lots of fun
Staying home with Dad and Mum.
And we really cannot moan
Coz we’re better off at home

Our key workers are the best,
They cannot have a rest.
They all deserve a clap,
A medal and a nap

We’re all so very proud,
And want to shout out loud.
Thank you for carrying on,
Until the germs are gone.

Just boys and girls are we,
A moment in history,
That will never be forgotten
Because it’s pretty rotten!

And now it’s time to close,
Our poem that we chose
To write for everyone
To help you carry on!


Miss Croft wrote:

Gorgeous poem, well done Hancocks! Mrs Crawley loves it and wants to pass on her thanks 🎉🌟 such a beautiful read 💛🌈🧡 xxx

Amelia M wrote:

Dear God, Please help us through these difficult times. Help us to feel that you are with us and you will help us no matter what. Amen

Mrs Crawley wrote:

Thank you Amelia for your lovely prayer. Take care and see you soon xx

Zahra K wrote:

Dear God, please help us to get through these difficult time’s and help us to stick together. Stay at home and keep safe. Amen.

Thomas E wrote:

Dear God please help us keep our family and friends safe and pray for our teachers who are doing there best to keep us up to date with our work through this difficult time

Sophia S wrote:

I pray to God above
To protect those that I love
To bring my mummy home each night
So I can kiss and cuddle her tight

By Sophia Sutherley

Miss Croft wrote:

Thank you for your lovely prayers - Thomas, Zahra and Sophia. Very heartwarming.

Abbie W wrote:

Dear God,
It is terrible that all these people are dying and the hospital are very tired and over worked but they are trying to stay happy and positive. I just want all those people in heaven to be safe with you.
I also want the people that are still living right now to be happy , safe and well!

Sophia Grace C wrote:

Dear God,
Thank you for all your love and care.
Thank you for doctors and nurses who are working hard to look after others who are sick.
Thank you that we can ring our friends and family to say ‘Hello’.
Thank you for the sunshine that we have enjoyed.

Jack H wrote:

Every night Katie and Jack have been saying their prayers using the TSP method:
Saying Thank You for something
Saying Sorry for something
Saying Please God could you help me/us with something
We have found this a really useful way of focusing prayer and it has helped us to reflecting on what has happened that day.

Max R wrote:

Dear God,
Thank you for protecting us through these hard times please protect us why we fight through them together and never give up
Help us all to stay safe at home and be happy until we can go out again and see our family and friends again We can all get through this together


By Max & Jessica Rosbottom

Mrs Knowles wrote:

Wow, Amelia, Zahra, Max and Jessica, thank you for the lovely prayers. You have thought about staying safe and getting through these troubled times together. God is always with us.
Well done. Stay safe. Mrs K xx

Sophie T wrote:

dear God, please help us all through lockdown and help us to think about when we can all be together again, help all the NHS workers get enough equipment for everyone with the virus, thank you for helping the NHS and key workers Amen.