The Weekly Question

Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 9:08am

Good moring everyone. 

It's been a bit of a strange week hasn't it? Not just in this country but all over the world. Many countries have been asked or have chosen to remain at home during this difficult time.

Thousands of Italians, in several cities, clapped from their windows and balconies as healthcare workers went to work during the lockdown period (when most people have to stay in their homes).

In Spain, a man set up a DJ booth on his balcony and played music for all of his neighbours to dance to. 

Last night, in this country, millions of people came to their front doors to clap for all of the workers in the NHS to say a big thank you for looking after us. 

It's important to stay postive and keep smilling!

Have a look at the picture and comment with your suggestions and answers.

Take care everyone.

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Jack H wrote:

I can enjoy time with my mum and my dad because they are usually busy and dont have time to play with me. Now they can!

Jack H wrote:

We have not got a login for Katie H therefore have used her brothers login to leave comments. Katie has had a fun week of learning with lots of time outside making the most of the nice weather. In the mornings we have done some of the English or Maths worksheets and Mum is needing to relearn things like adding fractions! Afternoons have included lots of games in the back garden, arts and crafts and even some science experiments today. We have completed the Crime and Punishment comprehension and also discussed how rules and laws have changed over the past week. Big hugs everyone!

Abbie W wrote:

Hi mr Wade

Making myself laugh and other people laugh makes me happy 😃!

Hope you are okay!

I hope to see you soon!

From Abbie


Emily P wrote:

I enjoy looking at photographs of family members and remembering times when we were aloud out and playing with my dog.

Katie H wrote:


We are writing this poem,
To help to keep you goin’.
Even though it’s pretty bad,
Try not to be sad.

We have to stay at home,
Even though we’d like to roam.
But we are keeping busy
And making our Mum dizzy

Dad’s doing D.I.Y,
At least he’ll have a try.
And we have to confess
Our rooms are a mess!

But we’re having lots of fun
Staying home with Dad and Mum.
And we really cannot moan
Coz we’re better off at home

Our key workers are the best,
They cannot have a rest.
They all deserve a clap,
A medal and a nap

We’re all so very proud,
And want to shout out loud.
Thank you for carrying on,
Until the germs are gone.

Just boys and girls are we,
A moment in history,
That will never be forgotten
Because it’s pretty rotten!

And now it’s time to close,
Our poem that we chose
To write for everyone
To help you carry on!


Evan B wrote:

Try new stuff! I have invented Vimto ice cubes! I’ve tried getting better at Fortnite. So far, I’m really enjoying lockdown.