Plant Facts Challenge!

Date: 29th Apr 2020 @ 7:41am

Hi Year Two, I hope you are all well and coping with learning at home.

If we were in school, this term we would be learning about plants.


Your blog challenge today is to find the most interesting fact about plants and share it on our blog. The crazier the better! 


Here are my facts to get you going:


Bamboo is the fastest-growing woody plant in the world; it grows just over one inch every hour and can grow 35 inches in a single day!

(Grab a ruler and see how impressive that is!)

Most of the plants on earth actually live in the ocean!

About 85% of all plant life on the planet is in the ocean.

The smallest plant in the world is called watermeal.

It is bright green and the size of a grain of rice!


Get researching and see if you can find an even more interesting fact! smiley

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Joshua M wrote:

Today I have been looking at banana plants! Did you know that bananas contain a natural chemical which can make people feel happy?

Joshua :)

Mrs Haselden wrote:

Hi Joshua, well done for taking the challenge. That's a brilliant fact! Maybe we should all eat lots of bananas to keep us happy whilst we are at home! :)
Take care, Mrs H xx

Thomas E wrote:

Hi Mrs Haselden i have been looking at the trees near my house and when iv looked them up on the computer they are willow trees and from the bark on the tree painkillers to make you feel better was made

Thomas Eyre 😁

Mrs Haselden wrote:

Hi Thomas, lovely to hear from you! Wow, that's such an interesting fact! I had no idea that painkillers can be made from Willow trees. I wonder if you can find the names of any of the other trees near your house? Stay safe, Mrs H xx

Emily R wrote:

Hi Mrs Haselden, I have been looking for interesting plant facts. I found that Gingko Biloba which dates to about 250 million years ago is the oldest living tree species in the world. I also got out a ruler to measure how much the bamboo grows. I found out that in 2 days the bamboo will be bigger than me and even my mum! I can't wait to come back to school but I know i'm stying safe at home. I miss you all.

Love Emily xxxxxx

Mrs Haselden wrote:

Wow! 250 million years old! That's almost as old as Mrs Jones! I can't believe the bamboo would be taller than your mum - well done for measuring! I wonder if any other plants grow as quickly? Take care, Mrs H xx

Charlotte B wrote:

Today I have learnt about why stinging nettles sting. Each leaf on a nettle is covered with little hairs as sharp as glass. If an animal sniffs one, the hair pricks the animal's nose and injects a drop of painful poison.

Charlotte :-)

Eva B wrote:

Hi Mrs Hasleden. I have been looking at Lily pads. The largest Lily pad is in the Amazon basin. Its leaves are 3 m or 10 feet and its underwater stalk is 7-8 m or 23-26 feet long 🐸.

Mrs Haselden wrote:

Hi Charlotte, what a brilliant fact! I always wondered why nettle stings hurt so much! I didn't know they would sting an animal's nose either - that must be really painful! Take care, Mrs H xx

Mrs Haselden wrote:

Hi Eva, well done for taking the time to do some research. That is an amazing fact! I can't believe there are lily pads that are so big! Stay safe, Mrs H xx