Music To Make You Smile

Date: 3rd May 2020 @ 9:17pm

Hello to our lovely children smiley

I am asking you to add some Music into your home learning. 

Please head on over to the Music curriculum page by clicking on the picture below.

On the page, you will find different Music activities. The task I really want you to engage with is listening to some of the songs I have listed on task two. Music has the power to put a smile on your face and I'm confident these songs will do that! 


Please leave a comment on the blog when you have listened to one or all of the songs and let me know which is your favourite. I'd also like you to tell me what you liked about the song and how it made you feel.


I'm excited to see what you all think of this weeks songs!


Lots of love, Miss Croft xxx

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Sophia S wrote:

Hi Miss Croft,

My favourite songs were Here comes the sun and Ain't no stoppin' us now. They made me feel happy. I liked them because they were nice songs.

Love Sophia xxx

Abbie W wrote:

Hi Miss Croft
I really like music and the songs you chose made me feel all sorts of feelings.
Here comes the sun - it was happy and relaxing. It reminded me of the bee movie. It also makes me feel sleepy and lovely!
What a wonderful world - it made me feel sleepy and happy. I want to jump over the moon. I am proud to be in this world!!!
Ain’t no stopping us now - I wanted to dance and sing. And it also made me bored.
Lovely day - postitive and it reminded me of secret life of pets. It was a really nice tune.
Be there for you - catchy , positive and loving. It reminded me of friends.
I love your smile - boring and tired and sleepy.
I liked, I’ll be there for you, because it reminded me of Friends!

Lola W wrote:

Hello Miss Croft,

We all listened to the music yesterday and Abbie and Lola both wrote down what they thought about the songs,,,,

I’ve typed the songs and Lola has typed how they made her feel,,,

*Here comes the sun by The Beatles
Sleepy 🤤

* What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong
Calm + tired 💤

* Ain’t no stopping us now by Mc Fadden and Whitehead

*Lovely Day by Bill Withers
Happy +excited

*I’ll be there for you by The Rembrandts

*i love your smile by Shanice
Bored 😒

Lola’s favourites were...

Here comes the sun

What a wonderful world

Lovely Day as it reminds her of the film The secret life of Pets 2

My most favourite favourite favourite one was I’ll be there for you because it’s really rocking

Love Lola 😷✍️💝💚💗💓💖💘💙🖤💛💔🥰😍😗😘😆😁😄😃😀😅😂🤣😘👗💍👜👓🐶🐨🐰🐣🐤🦆🐕🎂🏵🏵💞💕❣️💚💙💛 ❤️

Thea G wrote:

Hi Miss Croft,

I enjoyed all of the songs it made me want to dance, which I did. I miss you so much.

Love you, from Thea.

Christopher W wrote:

Thank you Miss Croft. I do drumming practice each day and have played drums for some of our virtual church services. You can see me playing on this one: (5min 20sec to 10min 12sec). I'll look at the music activities this week.