Date: 27th Apr 2020 @ 1:00pm

What have been the best bits and the worse  bits of being in Lockdown?

Don't forget to give reasons why!!!

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Heidi S wrote:

We did door step bingo were everyone played bingo at their door steps and people gave prizes for the winners.It was really fun and it was something to do while we are all bored.
I am always bored and have nothing to do so this was helpful.

Mrs Fairclough wrote:

Hi Heidi
That sounds great. When the weather was nice one of my neighbours brought his amp out to the front and sang to cheer us all up, that was great too.
Hope you are all well, plenty of work on the page to stop you getting bored,
Speak soon Mrs Fairclough

Christopher W wrote:

I have two favourite bits of lockdown so far: my birthday (16 May) when I got new Fortnite toys and back to the future playmobile. We also had Dominoes pizza for tea. My second favourite thing was kite flying - we all had fun, even Abigail who was sunbathing!

My worse bit of lockdown is not getting to hug my grandparents - we go to see them a few times a week and chat over the garden wall but I miss them a lot.

Mrs Fairclough wrote:

Hi Chris,
Not hugging is really difficult isn't it/ I also visit my parents so my daughter can chat with her grandparents too.
At least we get to see them but it isn't the same.
We have been doing quizzes on Zoom, they have been lots of fun, we are just trying to keep busy.
Take care xx