Reception Home Learning

Date: 21st Mar 2020 @ 6:57pm

Hello Reception,  Have you completed any of the online games from the home learning pack and did you enjoy it?

Reception Grown ups, if you have a question for me you can post it here and I will get back to you.

Mrs Blackledge  smiley

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Abbie Patterson wrote:

Isabelle has been very eager this morning, we’ve already completed an hours worth of worksheets. I’ve printed extra of the Twinkl site. Am I ok to look at phase 4 with her?

Hope your well stay safe x

Joe C wrote:

Hello Mrs Blackledge,
I haven't completed any online games just yet, but I have been working hard in the 'just in case' activity pack. I really enjoyed the snakes and ladders one and then I have been playing the board games with mum. I keep winning and she keeps landing on the snakes. Ha ha ha

Mrs Blackledge wrote:

I'm delighted that Isabelle has been eager to learn this morning.
Phase 4 is absolutely fine - that is what we are due to learn next (don't look at Phase Five though, that's for Year One)
I'm very well, stay safe and I hope to see you soon. Mrs B x

Mrs Blackledge wrote:

Well done for completing some of the 'just in case' pack, that's great news! I love snakes and ladders too.
Stay safe and I hope to see you very soon. Mrs B x

Aeryn L wrote:

Aeryn and myself are struggling to log on to anything and are getting totally overwhelmed , nothing let's me in I presume as everyone is on and the site cant cope , we are working through the sheets tho , xx

Mrs Blackledge wrote:

Please don't worry. If you are working through the sheets that's great! Remember just one Maths and one English/phonics per day. Please don't be overwhelmed we are all doing our very best and that's all that matters.
Take care and stay safe. Mrs B x

Harry D wrote:

Hello Mrs Blackledge,

I have been playing online games from my home learning pack and my favourite game is ailens escape!

Hope to see you soon x

Samantha Rajnis wrote:

Hi do we any easier maths online learning websites, Coreys struggling with the BBC KS1 one x

Mrs Blackledge wrote:

Hello Harry,
Well done! Keep up the good work.
I hope to see you very soon. Mrs B x

Mrs Blackledge wrote:

Thank you for letting me know.
On the Reception home learning letter which can be found at the bottom of the Reception class page there are links to two other games Corey could have a go at, Save the Whale and Hit the Button. They are both games that help with addition. Children can use counters or their fingers to help find the answers. I hope this helps.

Hope to see you soon. Mrs B x

Cassian B wrote:

Hi Mrs Blackledge, Cassian says hello and is missing everyone.

He enjoyed the snakes and ladders worksheet and we’ve been playing the alien game.

He’s had fun doing the Joe Wicks PE lessons.

Hope everyone is doing ok and staying safe x

Stanley B wrote:

Hello, Mrs Blackledge. I hope you are well. I am missing school and our class.
I have been doing lots of work at Mummy's school and I have enjoyed playing all the phonics games. My favourite is the Rocket game. We have done PE with Joe and Daddy has created obstacle courses for us. Mummy has been making sure i'm doing my Maths too!!
Hope to see you soon, Stanley.

Mrs Blackledge wrote:

It is lovely to hear from you and I'm delighted you are enjoying some of the activities at home.
The Joe Wicks PE sessions are fab!
Take care and I hope to see you very very soon.
Mrs Blackledge x

Mrs Blackledge wrote:

Lovely to hear from you. It sounds like you have been very busy!
The weather is beautiful so an obstacle course in the garden sounds fantastic, I would love to see a photograph when we come back to school.
Well done and keep up the good work.
Stay safe and I hope to see you very soon. Mrs B x

Lesley F wrote:

Good morning Mrs. Blackledge.
I like doing my worksheets because I have them in a new special folder. I have done some gardening and I am writing letters to everyone to say hello.
love Lesley

Mrs Blackledge wrote:

Hello Lesley,
It is lovely to hear from you.
I'm glad you are enjoying the worksheets and your special folder sounds just perfect!
I have also been doing some gardening in the sunshine.
It is very kind to write letters, what a good idea!
I am missing the Reception children very much and I hope to see you all very soon.
Mrs Blackledge x