Weekly prayers during difficult times

January 28th

Y6 child has written this pray to help everyone

Thank you for keeping us all safe. It’s really tough right now. I really pray for the people who are sick or ill, please help the NHS; they’re keeping us all safe, if they get sick or ill please help them.

Keep all our friends and families safe. It’s tough for us right now because the virus is spreading all around the world. Please help us to stay strong until the vaccine works and we can go back to real life



7th January 2021

During the Summer of 2020, we prayed for our community, nation and world.  We continue with these prayers during the pandemic and pray that the vaccine may be administered quickly and effectively. Many of our prayers from the early time of COVID 19 and the first lockdown, are available to read below.

We have drawn our weekly prayers to a close and invite anyone who is interested, to read the prayers below. We continue to pray for everyone in our school, local and global communities who are or  have been affected by Covid 19. 

2nd September 2020

Dear God, thank you for bringing us all safely back to school. Help us all to work together to keep each other safe during these difficult times. Amen

13th July 2020

Heavenly Father, bless all our children and families as we prepare for the summer holidays.  Encourage us in all that we do and we look forward to being safely back together as our whole school family in September. Be with our Y6 children as they move on to high school and keep them in your care. Amen

Dear God, thank you for everyone that has kept us safe during the last few months. Amen

By Noah Devlin

6th July 2020

Ephesians 2:10 tells us 'You are God's masterpiece.' What a wonderful thought that each of the children and adults in our community are a masterpiece, uniquely created and gifted with talents and abilities  which contribute to the amazing school community which we are all a part of. God, help us to remember that in these difficult times, we are a masterpiece of your creation and our individual characters are so precious.

Thank you for Ashton where we live. It is great to see the shops open again. Help us to remember to keep safe by socially distancing and washing our hands. Amen

By Willow Smith

29th June 2020

Lord, as more  businesses start to reopen in and around Ashton, we pray for anyone in our community who works in a business that is re-opening.  Amen

Thank you for all the people working in our school making sure it is a safe and happy place for us all to be.


By Layla Holland


22nd June 2020

Lord, we pray for all the children returning to school today. We hope they all have a good time meeting their friends and teachers again. Amen.

Thank you God for the sunshine today as we start to come back to school. We are excited to be meeting our friends again and playing out in the sunshine together.

By Mia Swift 

15th June 2020

Thank you Lord for our office, cleaning and kitchen staff who have worked continuously with our teachers and teaching assistants throughout lockdown keeping our school clean and tidy and our children safe and happy. Amen

Dear God, thank you for our world and our friends at care club. Amen

By George Morris


8th June 2020

Jesus, as we continue to plan around reopening the school to staff and some children, please give the school leaders wisdom and discernment in their decision making. Amen

Dear Jesus thank you for the teachers and teaching assistants that help at our care club. Amen

By Noah Bailey 

1st June 2020

In these uncertain times we lean into you Heavenly Father and ask for your guidance and wisdom. Please help us to turn to you in times of need.

'The Lord will guide you always.' (Isaiah 58:11)

Dear God please help us keep our family and friends safe and pray for our teachers who are doing their best to keep us up to date with our work through this difficult time.

By Thomas Eyre

24th May 2020

Dear Lord,

In these times of fear and uncertainty please help everyone to become encouragers, encouraging and helping others in their daily lives.

We can look at the Bible for encouragement. The Book of Hebrews: Chapter 10, verse 24 says “And let us consider how we can spur each one another on, towards love and good deeds”.

 We are currently seeing lots of good deeds being done by people all over the world. I pray this will give encouragement to those who are struggling in so many different ways. Examples of these good deeds include food parcels being delivered to those in need,  people who are alone or in need of comfort getting extra help and support from friends and neighbours and the country showing support and encouragement to our amazing NHS and carers by people standing outside their homes and clapping every Thursday night. We also see encouraging film clips in the media of hospital staff clapping for people as they leave hospital having beaten the virus and survived! Let us remember and be encouraged by all of these good things that are happening in our world at the moment. Amen.

Mrs Kelsall-Roberts 

17th May 2020  

Father, we thank you for each and every child at our school.  We thank you for the joy they bring, for the gifts and abilities that you have given to each one.  Please bless them and watch over them. We ask your blessing on each family that they are part of, praying that you will draw them close to you and each other during this difficult time. Amen

Dear God, please help us all through lockdown and help us to think about when we can all be together again. Help all the NHS workers get enough equipment for everyone with the virus. Thank you for helping the NHS and key workers. Amen  

By Sophie Toft


10th May 2020

Dear God we ask for wisdom for those in leadership, whether in government, business, the health service, emergency services, education or leaders of all essential services. Bless them with the strength that they need during this difficult time.  We thank you for their willingness to serve and we pray that you will be in their words and actions. Amen

Dear God,
Thank you for all your love and care.
Thank you for doctors and nurses who are working hard to look after others who are sick.
Thank you that we can ring our friends and family to say ‘Hello’.
Thank you for the sunshine that we have enjoyed.


By Sophia Cornall

3rd May 2020

Lord Jesus, As a community of families we are currently distant and separated from each other. At this time where it sometimes feels like we are alone because of social distancing may we be reminded always of how loved and valued we are. As a school we treasure each and every single child and family member – you are so very special to us. Amen

Dear God,
Thank you for protecting us through these hard times please protect us why we fight through them together and never give up. Help us all to stay safe at home and be happy until we can go out again and see our family and friends again. We can all get through this together. Amen

By Max & Jessica Rosbottom

26th April 2020

Heavenly Father, as the lockdown continues, we pray you give everyone in our school community strength for the weeks ahead and for protection for everyone's health and wellbeing. Lord draw near to us all and help us to continue to look to you in this time of challenge. Amen

Dear Lord,  I'm sorry the world is in such a mess, I hope we can get out of it sooner or less. I pray for everyone to stay safe, lets stay at home and keep our faith. I pray for all our key workers, nurses, doctors and shop workers, they go to work, let's give them praise so stay at home, keep them safe and brave. Lord, I believe in your power to help us all and one day soon we will all be together again. Amen

By Florence Braddock

19th April 2020

As we pray we hold onto the fact that God is our Heavenly Father who we can turn to in times of struggle. He is faithful and unchanging. At this time we pray for everyone around the world remembering Joseph and Princess who we support through Compassion. Help them and their families through this difficult time. Amen

God our loving father, please keep my family and friends safe and well. Be with us and comfort us as we all miss our friends at school. In Jesus name. Amen

By Lucy Artus

5th April 2020

Dear God, Please give skill, sympathy and resilience to all who are caring for the sick and your wisdom to those searching for a cure. Strengthen them with your Spirit, that through their work many will be restored to health; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

I pray to God above
To protect those that I love
To bring my mummy home each night
So I can kiss and cuddle her tight
By Sophia Sutherley

1st April 2020

There is glorious beauty in the little details of the world around us. Help us to see the small things and realise they are actually big things. Encourage us to appreciate all creatures great and small, all living things; the flower in a garden, the sound of the birds in the spring air. May you be like a whisper in our ear, reminding us to focus on the good, when the world seems chaotic and people are suffering both near and far.  Amen


We are writing this poem,
To help to keep you goin’.
Even though it’s pretty bad,
Try not to be sad.

We have to stay at home,
Even though we’d like to roam.
But we are keeping busy
And making our Mum dizzy

Dad’s doing D.I.Y,
At least he’ll have a try.
And we have to confess
Our rooms are a mess!

But we’re having lots of fun
Staying home with Dad and Mum.
And we really cannot moan
Coz we’re better off at home

Our key workers are the best,
They cannot have a rest.
They all deserve a clap,
A medal and a nap

We’re all so very proud,
And want to shout out loud.
Thank you for carrying on,
Until the germs are gone.

Just boys and girls are we,
A moment in history,
That will never be forgotten
Because it’s pretty rotten!

And now it’s time to close,
Our poem that we chose
To write for everyone
To help you carry on!



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