Reading at Home

Reading at Home – Enjoy!

  • Reading is taught and practised in school.  Home is also a great place to practise – but in a more informal and relaxed atmosphere.
  •  Make reading visible; have books available in your home.
  • Share books every day.
  • Boys need to see that reading is something men do.
  • Talk about books.
  • Sit and listen – don’t do chores around the reader! Turn the TV off.
  • Respect choices – your child is much more likely to become a better reader if they are interested in what they are reading. Comics and special interest magazines are allowed!

Read to your children

  • Introduce your children to different types of books; classic fiction, chapter books, short stories, joke books, poetry, non-fiction.
  • Read them the book that was your favourite when you were a child.
  • Read slowly with expression.  Try to use different and funny voices for characters.
  • Follow the words and read the story using the pictures to help understanding.
  • Talk about what is happening and what might happen next.
  • Leave stories on a cliff hanger.

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