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Friday 7th May


The children had lots of fun today participating in Number Day.

All classes were read the story  'How many Jelly Beans?"

Which every year loved.

Then the work and fun of course began.

In Reception Estimation:  How many jelly beans in the jar?

Ordering:  Ordering jelly beans to 20

Addition:  Adding 2 sets of jelly beans

Jelly bean number hunt with a twist - the children have to solve the addition to find the next number

Jelly bean bingo

In Year 1  They did an estimation game like Y5 and Y6. In which they have to guess how many jelly beans are in the jar.  They also did some problem solving questions all to do with jelly beans.

We did a measuring game in which children have to guess how many jelly beans it takes to measure different lines on a worksheet. 

Year 2 also did problem solving around important numbers for them, house number, date of birth.

They too did an estimation with Jelly Beans and Chocolate Buttons as they were with Mrs Crawley today!!!

Year 3- went on a Jelly Bean hunt finding different colours making a Tally Chart then they converted the information into a pictogram.

Then we solved problems by answering questions about our Data. 

Mr Hodgkinson even had the children doing Maths work in PE !!!

Year 4,5,6, all planned the costings for a class party a little confusion for some as they were paying £72 for bread, after checking they realised it was £5.

Year 5 and 6 completed a number hunt, in teams they found maths symbols with calculations on, they then returned to the class teacher having to remember the team name, the question number, the symbol, and the answer to the calculations, didn't help that Mr Turner was shouting out random numbers.

It was so funny seeing the children run round with fingers in ears !!!!!!!

Thank you so much Grown Ups for organising all these fantastic ideas and of course a big thanks to the children for trying so hard and working so hard.  


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